Your Business

You are very important to the success of any business - large or small - new or established.

Whether you head a department or manage or own a business, the main principles remain the same - future success depends upon the ability to plan, organise and manage resources to generate profitable sales income plus exceptional serving of your customers.

Coming to the right decisions in any business has never been easy - it is a step into the unknown!

This is where we can really help and support you to succeed.

Over the past 21 years we have developed a Business Development and Strategic Planning Methodology coupled to a comprehensive set of Decision Making Tools that can be applied to assist your business grow and be profitable.

This methodology consists of 10 Steps starting with a clear VISION of the future through to organisation, planning, resource, actions and measurement for improved results against a set of objectives and standards

This methodology will provide you with a complete picture both in overview and detail to enable a successful business development project.

Many clients have benefitted from using our methodology and approach, either in part or whole, to pave the way to improved profitability, step by step.

The method is straight forward, simple, adaptable, flexible and practical - therefore it works!

This is what clients have said about us recently:-

“Richard Jackson of Cambridge Quadrant has worked with us in a number of different ways for over 10 years now. During this time he has assisted at all levels of the business; with the development of the senior management team, direct and indirect sales, specialist marketing activities and with the customer support and service staff. This has enabled smooth cross functional operations which are critical to modern business and consequently, enabled time for the development of good leadership in the company and the support of profitable growth and an internationally successful business. Applying his business development methodology both commercially and with the staff assisted us determine and commence, clear strategy for the future.

The results speak for themselves:-

  • - Sales growth of 6% minimum per year plus 20% in Asia.
  • - Gross profits above 65% per year
  • - Net profits of c.20% per year
  • - More added value income through technical consulting, projects and servicing of equipment.

Richard has the rare blend of being both highly experienced in multiple facets of business and also highly personable. This means you can get down to business quickly with no fear of any ego being at play. Add to these qualities a professional and pragmatic approach and you can be sure that your business will benefit from working with Richard. I unreservedly recommend Richard to anyone looking to improve their business performance."

Steve Billingham
Managing Director

For more details on how this can work for you or your colleagues then let's meet to discuss the possibilities.

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