What do we do?

    1. Business Start-up and Funding.
    2. Business Planning, Structure and Strategy
    3. Business Development and Executive Decision Making
    4. Business Profitability and Customer Support

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1. Business Start-up and Funding.

  • Market research and cost effective marketing
  • Business structure and organisation, e.g. Sole Trader, Partnerships or Limited Company
  • Business and management skills, knowledge and processes
  • Funding, structured finance and accounting.

Advice, support for:-

Innovative products and services plus creative ideas for those who have always wanted to start and develop their own business.

Funding available for selective businesses.

2. Business Planning, Structure and Strategy.

  • Writing of short and longer term business, marketing and sales plans
  • The process involved for strategic decision making and business development
  • Calculation of profit/loss budgets and cash flow forecasts
  • Setting business objectives and standards for performance management

Advice, support and coaching for:-

Those who have decided to start a business and for key executives in existing companies who wish to expand and develop their business operations.

3. Business Development and Executive Decision Making,

  • Measurable marketing to create awareness, generate sales leads and enquiries
  • The sales process, securing profitable sales, the art of selling and negotiation
  • Objective decision making, project management and action planning
  • Leading, managing and motivating the business team

Advice, training and support as a consultant or Non-executive Director for:-

Larger established organizations and businesses, both national and international who wish to grow, develop and become more efficient, effective and successful in their market place.

4. Business Profitability and Customer Development

  • Customer Care, Service and Support
  • Building good and lasting relations through better communications
  • Creating additional sales income through improved account and customer management
  • Minimising cost of sales to increase the profitability of the business

Advice, support and facilitation for:-

Businesses who wish to service and retain customers to exceptional standards, develop accounts and generate additional profitable income.

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