Cambridge Quadrant - Company Profile

Cambridge Quadrant Ltd is an established management consultancy specialising in business and executive development.

We have consistently helped companies to increase their profitable sales income and provide more effective management.

What is our basic philosophy?

We firmly believe from well over 21 years of continuous research and practical application that there is a direct relationship between the knowledge, skills and confidence of the executives who manage and operate the business and its subsequent success.

Our experience and evidence, gathered from working with many diverse clients from start-up businesses to established multi-national organisations supports this.

Our capability is broad and can be focused on many aspects of your business.

Working alongside you and your staff, we can create realistic "hands on" solutions to complex business issues. The benefits are increased profitable sales income and enhanced performance. The result is a better service for your customers and additional value added to your business.

We therefore believe that there is a fine balance between developing the knowledge and skills of executives and the business, as one is dependant upon the other. This has a direct impact on the success of the business.

People and Business =  Profitable Growth

The outcome of your effort is determined by the application of knowledge and skills in the business along with understanding the issues and the market place in which you operate.

What is our Track Record? Why use us?

Why have these prestigious organisations and budding entrepreneurs entrusted us to resolve their business and executive development issues - because we get practical, measurable results!

This is achieved through:-

Market Sectors.

Our clients emulate from a number of different industry categories as shown below:-


We are proud of our corporate client list below. These represent a diverse range of companies and organisations.

All have benefited from our involvement and can verify that we have:

These key points place us in a unique position of being able to "Practice what we Preach" and apply our in-depth knowledge and experience to your business.

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Our Commitment

Our work with you will be practical, relevant, and cost-effective. We use our knowledge and experience coupled with tried, tested, and proven methods to give you quantifiable results.

Standards and Integrity.

We believe in exceptional standards of ethics, quality, integrity, diplomacy and confidentiality delivered with professionalism and absolute confidence in the projects success when working with you and your staff.

All our specialists are experienced professionals in their specific field and can provide evidence of their individual success and previous track record if required.

Results Evaluation

Results are based on practical application and not theoretical debate! You can measure our approach, monitor and evaluate results, and so ensure a return on your investment.

Company Information

Cambridge Quadrant Ltd is registered in England No: 3793169
with registered address:
Orchard House
Park Lane

For more information, please call Richard Jackson direct on +44 (0)1638 731850 or send an email to

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